Marc Cumps

marc_cumpsMarc Cumps is advisor at Agoria. He is responsible for ictstandards, i.e. the sectoral standardization operator for the ICT area recognized by the Belgian Standards Bureau (NBN).

At the Workshop he will talk about Experiences of Agoria – as national trade association – in facilitating access to standardization.

Touradj Ebrahimi

Touradj EBRAHIMI is Professor at EPFL heading its Multimedia Signal Processing Group and adjunct Professor with the Center of Quantifiable Quality of Service at Norwegian University of Science and Technology. He is also the head of the Swiss delegation to MPEG, JPEG and SC29, and acts as the Chairman of Advisory Group on Management in SC29.

At the Future Internet Week Touradj will focus on IP Strategies in MPEG and JPEG standardization.

Frank Van Der Putten

Frank Van Der Putten joined the Alcatel Research Centre in 1998 and worked on audio-video compression techniques, multimedia services and broadband access networking. He is also member of the Alcatel-Lucent Technical Academy.

He will talk about a ‘Testimonial of Alcatel-Lucent standardization activities.’

Lars Eggert

lars_eggertLars Eggert is a Principal Scientist at Nokia Research Center in Helsinki, Finland and a member of Nokia’s CEO Technology Council. He is also an Adjunct Professor at Aalto University.

From Research to Internet Standards‘ will be dicscussed during the Plenary sessions.

Véronique Beauvois

Véronique Beauvois is currently Senior Lecturer with the Applied and Computational Electromagnetics (ACE) Research Unit of the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department, University of Liège.

She will enlighten her experience on Standardization in a University Laboratory.

John Ketchell

john ketchellJohn Ketchell is the Director of Innovation in the CEN-CENELEC Management Centre.

Mr Ketchell’s presentation will cover “European ICT standardization, research and innovation – making parallel lines meet

Ultan Mulligan

Ultan Mulligan is Director of Strategy and New Initiatives in the ETSI Secretariat.

During the plenary sessions he wil amplify the efforts towards bridging the gap between research and standardization.

Wouter Haerinck

Wouter Haerinck is currently coordinating the smart grid related research projects.
His main research interests are software architectures for deployment of home (energy) services, policy management and wireless QoS.

He will talk about “Contribution to market adoption of in-home standards“.

Leo Giannotti

Leo Giannotti is directorate Adviser at the EPO in the The Hague.
He contributed to lay the foundations for taking into account standardisation documents as prior art at the EPO, and then to establish the cross-departmental EPO Working Group on Standards, of which is currently a member.